2010 USSF Workshop Success!

Our workshop at the 2010 United States Social Forum was a great success!  We've set up another website to facilitate continued communication with our participants and anyone generally interested in digital storytelling - check it out: http://ussf.adaptingtoscarcity.org.

We took some of our own footage of the event, hopefully we can piece together a little clip for you all sometime soon.  Also, we will be publishing all of the footage generated during the workshop to the workshop website.

Big thanks to all the facilitators, participants and the USSF for making it possible and successful!

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Thanks for a great workshop at US Social Forum

Arthur et al,
Thanks for a useful, inspiring, and fun workshop on digital storytelling at the US Social Forum. I came away with lots of great ideas that I can put to use here in Ann Arbor. Can't wait to see the footage!

Jeanne Mackey

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