"My Last Three Months in Review"

Steve Fisher recently finished his internship with Adapting to Scarcity and he created a short reflection piece on his time and experiences.   His contributions to the project were invaluable and we look forward to seeing the impressive work he accomplishes in the future!  Click "Read More" below to read his parting letter.

Hello Friends,

It has been a powerful and life-changing experience to be part of the Adapting to Scarcity Project. The contribution that A2S continues to make to various communities and especially to the movement in Juanacatlán is incredible. The video workshop participants have yet another tool in their efforts to improve the quality of life of their communities.

We did quite a lot of filming of community members from Juanacatlán. In exchange, social media workshops were given in a successful effort to give back to the community and support the movement for a clean river. I hope that filmmakers and others exposed to the A2S project take note and are intentional in directly contributing to the communities they engage.

A2S currently has a lot of momentum and I look forward to their achievements in the following months.
I am grateful to Sarah and Arthur for inviting me to work with them on the A2S project, and will take what I’ve learned to further support the global struggle for social justice.
Thank you!

- Steve Fisher


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We're gonna miss you Steve.

We're gonna miss you Steve. Thank you and Sarah and Arthur for taking the time and sacrifice to help all of us who are effected by the pollution. Todos nosotros, y yo en lo personal, disfrute de sus enseñanzas y de su compañia. Ojala hubiera mas personas como ustedes en el mundo. Gracias por todo.

We'll miss you Steve.

We'll miss you Steve. Muchisimas gracias por tomarse el tiempo y el sacrificio que requiere un proyecto como este. Ojala hubiera mas gente como ustedes. Esto tambien va para Sarah y Arthur. Espero que apesar de sus defectos les haya gustado nuestro pequeño pueblito.

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